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About QHS


OUR MISSION: To promote the prevention of cruelty to animals that are neglected, abused, exploited, stray or homeless.
Work within the law and in cooperation with the government, OSPCA and the public, in order to improve conditions
for animals while maintaining a balanced sensitivity toward both animal and human needs.

About QHS

In the early 1970’s, the Quinte Humane Society acquired Eastern Breeders property on Avonlough Road to utilize as a public shelter.  Prior to this, many animals were placed with Q.H.S. members who acted as foster homes and provided care.  Over the years, we have established a unique bond with our supporters whose generosity keeps our doors open.  We can never thank them enough for their caring and kindness.

The QHS is a registered charity that serves all of Prince Edward and Hastings County.  We are a non-profit organization that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors using a Governance model.  Our community based shelter provides a safe and caring place for as many as 2200 sick, abused, neglected and homeless animals each year.

Since 1993 we have been affiliated with the (OSPCA) Ontario Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

The Quinte Humane Society and the Animal Services (the pound) are NOT the same thing! The Humane Society does NOT receive any government fundraising dollars . Our money comes from fees for service, donations, and bequeaths; if we did not have fundraisers we would no longer exist.  It is because of caring, concerned people like you that we are able to help as many animals as we do. We are here for all unwanted animals (pets that can no longer be taken care of by their owners) and for the abused and neglected animals.

The Animal Service Department (the pound) is for strays and animals roaming at large and which Animal Control has picked up. They bring these animals to us to care and look after in the hopes that an owner will claim them.  If not, then after 5 business days they become ours and we make all the necessary efforts to get them ready for adoption to a new forever home.




Board of Directors

Frank Rockett, Executive Director rockett@quintehumanesociety.com   Pat Culhane, Board Chair pculhane@quintehumanesociety.com
Marja Smith, Shelter Manager msmith@quintehumanesociety.com   Tracey Bunnett, Vice Chair tbunnett@quintehumanesociety.com
Amanda Frost, Finance Supervisor Temporary Leave   Donna Endicott, Vice Chair dendicott@quintehumanesociety.com
Krissy Robinson, Operations Supervisor Temporary Leave      
Jennifer Nicholls, Finance Supervisor jnicholls@quintehumanesociety.com   Irene Redpath, Director iredpath@quintehumanesociety.com
Logan Orr, Operations Supervisor     Gerald Collette, Director gcollette@quintehumanesociety.com
Tanya, Front Desk Admin     Tara Brindley, Director tbrindley@quintehumanesociety.com
Ashley, Front Desk Admin     Kelly Rumble, Director krumble@quintehumanesociety.com
Amy, Kennel Attendant     Kelly McCaw, Director kmccaw@quintehumanesociety.com
Rebecca, Kennel Attendant     Chris Barry, Director cbarry@quintehumanesociety.com
Lynne, Kennel Attendant     Mark Stone, Director mstone@quintehumanesociety.com
Katelyn, Kennel Attendant        
Judith, Kennel Attendant        
Melissa, Kennel Attendant        
Julia, Kennel Attendant        
Megan, Kennel Attendant        
Katrina Farnworth, Development & Outreach Coordinator kfarnworth@quintehumanesociety.com      





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